Pipeline Strainers of Every Configuration & Every Application

PVF Supply offers a complete line up of pipeline strainers including Y strainers, simplex and duplex basket strainers, and custom fabricated strainers for unique and complex applications.

Strainers for Every Application

Pipeline strainers are needed wherever large particles of dirt and other particulates need to be filtered out.

Industrial, municipal and irrigation applications

Options include epoxy coatings, galvanizing, oxygen cleaning, special tapings, specialty flange connections and NDE testing

Y Strainers

Offer a compact and economical means of straining debris from pipelines

Furnished standard with drain connections and pipe plugs

Simplex Basket Strainers

Protect pipelines, valves, and spray nozzles from water flow problems

Reduce the necessity for frequent cleaning and provide a cost and time saving benefit with less downtime

Duplex Continuous Flow Basket Strainers

Used in continuous flow applications where the process cannot be shut down for cleaning

Provides uninterrupted downtime for maintenance and cleaning

Custom Fabricated Strainers

Designed to meet process application pressure drop requirements as well as non-typical inlet/outlet configurations

Options include flanged, butt-weld, or unique hybrid connections